Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review: Lush Christmas Candy Box

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Today I will be doing a review on one of the gifts that I was given for my birthday by one of my good friends whose name I won't mention on my blog but If your reading this you know who you are. All of the products in this box have very sweet scents so If you don't like scents like lollies or fresh and fruity smells then this box is not for you. Okay!!! so let the reviewing start.

Rockstar Soap 100g Star Mould

I am so glad that Lush has decided to feature this soap in this box because it is my absolute favorite soap from Lush. This soap has a beautiful fruity, sweet scent and is so moisturizing that it feels like one of their massage bars. I love the way that this soap lathers so easily as this ensures for a quick application. If you love this soap as much as I do and you are maybe running low on soap pop in to Lush now as they make the soap in a star shaped mould for Christmastime.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

This Bubble Bar is so pretty!! I can understand why so many bloggers rave about this, it smells exactly like cotton candy! The color of this bubble bar is a stunning pink and white color with a light shimmer dusting all around it. The only fault that I can point out with this bubble bar is that it can leave a slight shimmer residue after having a bath. This doesn't really bother me but it probably annoys other people. I strongly recommend buying this bubble bar. I love it <3

Popcorn Lip Scrub

This is my favorite product from this whole box of goodies. When I opened this box and saw that this was featured in this box I got incredibly excited and tried it out straight away. A lot of people do not know how this product is used so I'll quickly tell you, to use this product you dab your finger into the pot and pick up some product and then start buffing away at the dead skin cells. When you have scrubbed till your hearts content what you do is get your tongue and lick the product off your lips. How Cool!!!

Snow Fairy Shower Gel 100g

Ahh! So where to start with this one, this product is my favorite scent from Lush ever. I love the sweet smell of this product and how easy it is to use. Sorry not much to say just a shower gel.

Snowman Bath Bomb

This product is so cute. I love the scent as well it smells exactly like Christmas. I plan on using this bath bomb on Christmas Eve to put me in a jolly mood. I strongly recommend popping into your local lush store to give this a sniff as it smells great.  

Great Work Lush, this is a great box that you have put together. If any of you are considering buying this for someone I recommend that you should as it is great value for money and such a cute gift to receive.

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